erivera's Hermit Crabs

Soon (Pronto)

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Land Hermit Crabs (COENOBITA CLYPEATUS) are fascinating animals. Hermit Crabs make great pets because they do not carry any known disease and are hypo-allergenic, which make Hermit Crabs a perfect pet for those with allergies. Land Hermit Crabs are very low maintenance and are easy to take care of. Nomally they do not require large amounts of space and they are odorless.

Land hermit crabs are also non-aggressive, unlike many of the sea crabs. Hermit crabs are nocturnal and are more active at night than during the day. They are not solitary animals and it is suggested to have more than one because of their social nature. In fact, in the wild we see Hermit Crabs move from one area to another as a group. Some natives even refer to them as "soldier crabs" due to their habit of "trooping" in numbers.

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